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Map of Education Equity Resources

View educational equity programs located across the state on an interactive map, or scroll down for a complete list of resources available to educators at the University of Minnesota.

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Arts & Design

Goldstein Museum of Design
Goldstein staff works with PreK-12 classes seeking to study from the collection, which uses the power of design to foster improved quality of life for individuals and communities
UMD Voyageurs
Live, wellness-based music theatre performances for children in grades K-6
Weisman Art Museum
K-12 educators arrange class tours and workshops, participate in a professional development workshop or find classroom resources featuring art in the museum's collection or the inventive architecture of Weisman's Frank Gehry-designed building

College Readiness

Admissions - Rochester

High schools and community organizations can arrange to bring college-bound students to campus to experience the University of Minnesota Rochester campus in-person

Admissions - Twin Cities

High schools and community organizations can arrange to bring college-bound students to campus to experience the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus in-person

Admissions - Crookston

High schools and community organizations can arrange to bring college-bound students to campus to experience the University of Minnesota Crookston campus in-person

Admissions - Duluth

High schools and community organizations can arrange to bring college-bound students to campus to experience the University of Minnesota Duluth campus in-person

Admissions - Morris

High schools and community organizations can arrange to bring college-bound students to campus to experience the University of Minnesota Morris campus in-person

African American and African Studies
Campus visits and classroom resources and information to help prepare students for college
Check and Connect
A comprehensive intervention designed to improve engagement of marginalized, disengaged students in grades K-12 through: Relationship building, Problem solving, Capacity building, Persistence
Code U

Online guide to help high school students think through the process of planning for college, learn how to choose a college, and how best to prepare for a health career

College in the High School (Crookston)

College in the High School at Crookston offers professional development opportunities, classroom resources, and trains high school teachers to offer college classes in high school

College in the Schools (Duluth)

Professional development opportunities, classroom resources, and training for high school teachers teaching college classes

College in the Schools (Twin Cities)

College in the Schools in the Twin Cities offers professional development opportunities, classroom resources, and trains high school teachers to offer college classes in high school

College in the Schools (UMN)
Professional development opportunities, classroom resources, and training for high school teachers teaching college-level classes
College Readiness Consortium
Curriculum, resources and occasional professional development opportunities aimed at increasing the number and diversity of students who graduate high school ready for post-secondary education
Community Engagement and Service Learning Twin Cities
U of M student tutors and mentors
Community Engagement and Service Learning Crookston
U of M student tutors and mentors
Community Engagement and Service Learning Morris
U of M student tutors and mentors
Minnesota Principals' Academy
An executive development program that provides cohorts of principals the support and tools they need to create schools where all students graduate ready for success in postsecondary education
Ramp-Up to Readiness
School-wide advisory program designed to increase the number and diversity of students who graduate from high school with the knowledge, skills, and habits to be successful in college
TRIO Upward Bound
College preparation for low income and first generation college students from Minneapolis high schools through  intensive, year-round academic services and enrichment activities

Early Childhood & Youth Development

Center for Early Education and Development (CEED)
Professional development opportunities for educators in child development, classroom curriculum, evaluation, and observation services
Children, Youth and Family Consortium
Education, research translation, and new knowledge to enhance and inform policies that positively influence the education and health outcomes of children, youth, and families
Cooking Matters

Trains families at risk of hunger with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to make healthy, delicious, and affordable meals

Cultural Providers Network
Information and professional development opportunities designed to help improve the behavioral health of children, families, and communities through a network of providers for pre-school and K-12 children and families of color
Extension Center for Youth Development
Professional development programs for educators and volunteers provide the latest research on middle and high school child and youth development with practical ways to apply it
Families and Youth
Programs, resources and information for and about families and youth
Human Capital Research
Summaries of multidisciplinary research on child development and social policy linking human capital and economic development, public health, and K-12 education
Konopka Institute for Best Practices in Adolescent Health

Research-based information on adolescence and health youth development

Partnering for School Success

Information and resources for educators on school success and working with parents

School-based curriculum to increase intake of whole grain foods by elementary school students in grades 3-6
Shirley Moore Laboratory School

Exemplary early childhood education practices, lesson plans, and related information available

Language / Literacy

America Reads tutoring (Twin Cities)
One-on-one and small group tutoring using research-based best practices to improve the reading skills of  K-8 students
CARLA: Research on Language Acquisition
Information, classroom resources, and professional development opportunities for: Teaching, learning, and assessment of second languages, culture and language learning, English as a second language, language immersion education, study abroad
Center for Reading Research
Resources and professional development on teaching approaches that support reading, particularly for students from diverse backgrounds.
Confucius Institute
Professional development and resources for educators on Chinese language and culture
Exploring Successful Strategies for Writing: ELA Standards in Action
Workshops offering hands-on engagement with literacy topics
Minnesota Writing Project
Resources, professional development and youth programs designed to improve student literacy through the development of the leadership, voice, and professionalism of teachers
Path to Reading Excellence in School Sites (PRESS)
A comprehensive approach to early literacy in grades K-5 developed by the Minnesota Center for Reading Research (MCRR) in partnership with Minneapolis Schools, Minnesota Reading Corps, and the Target Corporation

Leadership & General Resources

AskMN - The Librarian is In!

Online service of Minnesota Libraries to find information, resources and research help 24/7

Center for Adult Learning

Adult learning for professionals and others

Check and Connect

A comprehensive student engagement intervention for marginalized, disengaged students in grades K-12, through relationship building, problem solving and capacity building, and persistence

Classroom Energizers

An evidence-based intervention that increases elementary and secondary student physical activity levels learned onsite in a two hour workshop.

Community Engagement and Service Learning - Crookston

U of M students’ tutors and mentors

Community Engagement and Service Learning - Morris

U of M students’ tutors and mentors

The goal of CORE is to increase the number of multicultural Minnesota students that graduate from the University annually by 2025.

Leapfrog Initiatives

Collaboration with PreK-12 institutions on the development of innovative teaching and the formation of innovation cells within educational institutions

Minnesota Knows (MnKnows)

A portal to Minnesota's online library services, to explore the Electronic Library for Minnesota, MnLINK Gateway, Minnesota Reflections, Research Project Calculator, and AskMN - The Librarian Is In!

Minnesota Principals' Academy

An executive development program to provide principals the support and tools they need to create schools where all students graduate ready for success in postsecondary education opportunities

Minnesota Statewide Testing Program (MSTP)

Provides consulting, scoring, and reporting services to K-12 public, private, charter, and home schools in the state of Minnesota

Online K-12 Teacher Relicensure Noncredit Modules

Online modules for continuing education credits on a variety of education topics

School Administrative Licensure - Duluth

Principal and superintendent licensure programs at UMD

School Administrative Licensure - Twin Cities

All administrative licensure programs, including principal and superintendent licensure

Urban Leadership Academy

A professional development program for urban educator leaders with speakers on the Twin Cities campus addressing policy, practice, and administration

Social Studies

Economics Education

Professional development workshops for K-12 teachers, as well as resources including lessons for the classroom

History Day
Access to the University of Minnesota Library resources for Minnesota History Day, including: Catalog, Books, Government documents, Microfilm, Microfiche. Non-students cannot borrow books, but may make photocopies.
Holocaust and Genocide Studies
Resources about the Holocaust and contemporary aspects of genocide, including: Curriculum models, Media, Exhibits, Resources
Immigration History Research Center
Curriculum and online materials used in a wide variety of classrooms related to immigrants and immigration
Institute for Global Studies - Teacher Resources

Teaching resources, including lessons and podcasts, for K-12 educators on global and international topics

Institute for Global Studies - Professional Development

Professional development for K-12 educators on global and international topics

Research Project Calculator

Designed for secondary school students and their teachers, the Research Project Calculator is a five step model for navigating a research project, setting goals, and managing timelines

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics + Agriculture & Environment

Ask a Geologist and Geological Info

Online classroom resource to get information about geology directly from experts in the field

Astronomy Outreach

Presentations to schools and other organizations serving youth on various astronomy topics

Research-based support to educators who are involved in the creation and implementation of field days for students learning about the environment

Bell Museum for Educators
STEM classroom resources and professional development, field trips to Bell Museum and ExploraDome planetarium, classroom visits, and online activities and games
Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center

Professional development for educators of K-12 youth, as well as field trip experiences

Brain Bee and Awareness - Duluth
School visits to increase awareness of the benefits and promise of neuroscience research
Brain U: Neuroscience Teacher Institute
Neuroscience training, materials, and staff support to bring brain science to K-12 students
Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve Professional Development Programs

Teacher training opportunities and K-12 field trips to improve student achievement in biological and ecological science

Center for Sustainable Polymers

Professional development opportunities and curriculum content

Center for Transportation Studies

Curricula and web-based tools and games to interest students in exploring math, engineering, science, and technology related to transportation

Chemists in the Classroom

College students will provide demonstrations on site at no cost

Children's Garden - West Central Research and Outreach Center

Assistance offered for children to learn more about how to grow plants and the important role plants play in our daily lives

Cloquet Forestry Center

Professional development based on the latest forestry research

College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences (CFAN)

Professional development, classroom resources, and activities for K-12 educators and students

College of Science and Engineering K-12 Outreach

Professional development, classroom resources, field trips, and other resources for teachers and students K-12

Cool Chemistry Day

Educators and girls in grades 7 and 8 explore the wonders of chemistry with graduate student women

Energy and U

A semi-annual show to excite elementary students about the idea of going to college and pursuing a career in science and engineering

Gardening for Monarchs/Schoolyard Gardens

Educators can plan and create schoolyard gardens that serve as an outdoor learning space for students, and are beneficial to plants, insects, and wildlife

A unique gardening education for kids that ignites a passion for learning, success and service, and can be done in partnership with schools

Masonic Cancer Center

Information and resources about cancer, student tours, and health fair displays

Materials Research Science and Engineering Center - summer program for teachers

A research experience to augment educators' understanding of materials science and engineering, and to enhance curriculum

Minnesota: A History of the Land (video series)

A four-part video series that chronicles changes in Minnesota's landscapes from the time of glaciers to today's urban sprawl

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Field trips utilize the gardens, greenhouses, and research plots to address science standards in every season with opportunities for teachers to bring the Arboretum to their classroom through the Plantmobile

Minnesota Master Naturalist volunteer with staff in existing after-school programs to offer fun, outdoor, science-based educational opportunities for elementary students (4th and 5th grade) to learn about ecology and natural history

Minnesota Sea Grant

Curriculum, activities, maps, photos, and other physical materials for educators to teach students about the Great Lakes and the species that live in it

Minnesota Space Grant Consortium

Curricular resources, in-service workshops and presentations, on aerospace topics for all ages

Monarchs in the Classroom

Professional development workshops, curricula, and other resources to incorporate inquiry into the classroom

National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics

Educational materials related to earth-surface dynamics are available, including 3D maps and videos with tour opportunities of the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory available

Physics Force

A one-hour show by wild and crazy physicists using highly visual and entertaining displays to demonstrate physics principles for students of all ages

Project Lead the Way
Partnerships with schools to prepare more students from diverse backgrounds to be successful in engineering and engineering technology programs
Ability to earn graduate credit by becoming certified to teach PLTW courses, using project and problem-based instruction
PSI-MN, Plant Science Investigation

A two-week workshop on the biology of plants and how to use them in inquiry-based science and opportunities for teachers to build a light stand to take back to their classroom with materials needed to grow plants in class

Raptor Center

Professional development opportunities, internships, and programs at schools or at the Raptor Center

Reach for the Sky
Online STEM curriculum and activities (part of discontinued Reach for Sky program)
Research experience for physics teachers

K-12 physical science teachers participate in cutting edge physics research and translate their research experiences into classroom activities

Roland Peterson Agricultural Education Science Education Fair

A competition for FFA members who are interested in the science and technology of agriculture

School of Mathematics Center for Educational Programs (MathCEP)
Professional development for K-12 math teachers to increase their math understanding and help them be more efficient
Science Teacher Induction Network
Online mentoring, peer case support, professional development, and teaching resources for new math and science teachers 
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education Center
A collaborative group of researchers working to improve STEM education through: STEM integration, learning and cognition, research on instructor preparation, evaluation and assessment
Southwest Research and Outreach Center

Professional development and curriculum resources for K-12 educators to improve student knowledge about science

Summer Science Discovery for Teachers
Classroom and field experience with university scientists and faculty for free graduate credit
Transportation Studies Tours and Demonstrations

Tours and demos for high school groups with interest in transportation

A summer research and learning experience at the University of Minnesota - Morris, encouraging Native American students to pursue degrees and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics